Fullerton is a city in deficit at a time when we need to invest in our neighborhoods, resident services, and infrastructure. My three-point platform outlines how, through focusing on what’s important, we can bring financial stability to the city so we can put desperately needed funds into our parks, streets, resident services, and job and skills development.
— Ahmad Zahra

Tackling Poverty in Fullerton

Learn why Ahmad is running for the Fullerton City Council.

We are defined by how we treat and care for our most vulnerable residents, and unfortunately, an increasing number of Fullerton youth endure poverty as incomes stagnate, resources constrict, and local government becomes overwhelmed.

As your city council member, I will fight to enact common-sense solutions and programs that proactively address this problem and provide our most vulnerable residents with the support they need. I will work with Fullerton’s partners in the nonprofit sector, as well as the county and state governments to ensure that all Fullerton residents have access to the programs that they have paid into through their tax dollars. Where there is an opportunity to partner with our schools and address poverty at its source, the City of Fullerton should do so. We have the opportunity to create a true community partnership to mitigate the worst effects of child poverty, and I know that, united, we can accomplish great things together.

A revitalized local economy

As a local small business owner, I understand the pressures small business owners face in attempting to compete with large, out-of-town businesses and retailers. A diverse, vibrant small business community that extends beyond Downtown Fullerton and throughout the city is critical to maintaining the rich culture and vitality of our great city.

As your city council member, I will fight to responsibly cut red tape so our local merchants can focus on contributing to our community, rather than fighting with City Hall. I will work every day to attract emerging industries that offer our residents good, high-paying jobs and generate the tax revenue our city needs to provide world-class services to our neighborhoods. Fullerton’s unique mix of geographic position, rail and highway access, and highly educated workforce give it the potential to become a regional center of commerce. Together, we can make it happen.

the environment

Fullerton is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty that we must preserve for future generations. Whether it’s preserving our green space, or ensuring that our city facilities operate in an environmentally clean and efficient manner, the City of Fullerton can drastically improve the quality of life of all its residents and achieve significant cost savings by implementing environmentally friendly policies.

I was proud to be a principal organizer of Fullerton’s “Clean and Green City” resol because I believe that by adopting innovative city policies, Fullerton can save critically-needed funds that we can use to fund other necessary programs. As your council member, I will fight for all Fullerton residents' right to a clean Fullerton from Day One.

Community, united

It's a simple concept, but one forgotten all too often in today's hyper-politicized environment. The best communities come together and allow every individual to speak and be heard with respect. If we do that in Fullerton, we can achieve our goals and make this city an even better place for all of us to live and work.